Due to familial inheritance, hormonal changes, stress, autoimmune conditions, unhealthy lifestyle and diet and other factors, hair loss has become a major problem today. Therefore, a variety of hair replacement and transplantation treatments have also emerged.


Because the cost difference between hair transplant and non-surgical hair transplant is too large, it cannot be ignored.


Toupeec tells you the advantages and disadvantages of surgical hair transplantation and non-surgical hair replacement.


We will clarify the pricing of non-surgical hair replacement and hair transplantation and other features.


Let's start to compare the cost of transplanted hair and non-surgical hair replacement.

Non-surgical hair transplant


Basic details


Non-surgical hair replacement is convenient hairpieces, which are selected according to your head shape and hair color, type, texture, length, etc.


Unlike hair transplantation which is permanently fixed on the head,hair replacement solution is worn like clothes and will not cause scars or bleeding. 


The non-surgical hair replacement product is a hybrid version of old wigs and toupees.


They are very realistic, super comfortable, and durable, which is why millions of men around the world wear them.


Cost discussion


The price of high-quality hair systems is usually around US$200-500, but it depends on the customer's customization requirements.


The higher the degree of customization of the hair replacement system, the higher the price.


Stock hair systems are cheaper than customized hair replacement systems. However, there are thousands of sellers who put high price tags on their non-surgical hair systems and then sell them for thousands of dollars. There are also many people who offer ultra-cheap wigs at low prices and label them as hair systems. This is why you should be cautious when buying a hair replacement system.


Considering that the best hair pieces provided by a well-known supplier like Toupeec can last for 3-4 months, this means that you need to replace your hair 3-4 times a year, and the total cost is about $600-1500. This is still very cheap compared to hair transplantation. (It should be noted that it is difficult to give an accurate number because different types of hair systems last differently.)

side effect


Usually, non-surgical hair replacement are secured with toupee tape, glue or clips.


The application is completely painless and has no side effects.


People with particularly sensitive skin should notify the hair system supplier in order to use the correct type of glue or tape.


Although cancer patients have sensitive skin after chemotherapy, they also use hair replacement systems and hair pieces extensively.


Surgical hair transplant


basic details


During a hair transplant, hair follicles are removed from one part of the body (called the'donor site') and applied to the bald or balding part (recipient site).

Hair follicles with genetically weak immunity to hair loss are transplanted to the bald area to treat male pattern baldness.


Hair transplantation will not produce immediate results, because patients need to wait more than two months to notice hair growth.


It usually takes about six months to a year to see effective results.


Not everyone with hair loss is a good candidate for hair transplant. People undergoing hair transplant surgery should be healthy and should not suffer from chronic hair loss because the number of genetically immune hair is limited.


cost estimate


The cost of hair transplantation depends largely on the number of transplants and the number of hairs that need to be moved, but it is generally between $3,000 and $20,000.


This is just an estimated price, but as you can see, it is very expensive and not everyone can afford it.


Although the cost largely depends on the number of grafts and the number of hairs to be moved, the cost of hair transportation also depends on:


(1) Where you want to perform hair transplantation


(2) What is the doctor's qualification and experience in transplanting?


(3) What kind of packaging does the hair transplant center provide?


Although the price of hair transplantation is relatively affordable in developing countries, it is very expensive in developed countries such as the United States.


Related risks


Facts have proved that the cost of hair transplantation is not negative.


Like any surgery, hair transplantation has some risks, such as bleeding and infection.


If the operation is not completed by an experienced doctor or the operation is not smooth, scars may also be left.


This means you may suffer sequelae and waste your money at the same time.


Sometimes the transplanted hair will dry out, and if left untreated, it will die after a period of time.


If the result of a hair transplant does not meet your requirements, and you don't like it, it can be very expensive to replace it.


Another point to realize is that even if you have enough money to do another transplant, people will not understand that once the donor’s hair runs out, the surgeon will have to use replacement hair, which may make you look like Unnatural and unsightly.


Hair transplantation and Hair replacement


Although both surgical and non-surgical hair replacement can solve the problem of hair loss, the costs, results, and risks are completely different.


Ten years ago, when thinking about how to solve the problem of hair loss, the first thing that came to mind was hair transplantation. This is because high-quality non-surgical hair replacement systems are not as prominent as they are now.


But, times have changed!


Hair replacement systems are more popular today because of their relatively low price and versatility.


Other obvious reasons for the increased demand for the hair system are:


(1) Painless hair loss treatment

(2) Very realistic hair experience

(3) Can be worn during swimming and sports

(4) Hair transformation is instant

(5) Most suitable for people without donor hair

(6) It is 10 times cheaper than hair transplantation.


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Since the skin-safe adhesive is used to bond the hair system to the skin, it is safe to use and will not cause any infection or other skin problems.

Compared with hair transplantation, another advantage of the hair replacement system is that you can try it yourself before getting the final product, or you can customize it according to your needs.


In the case of hair transplant, however, your surgeon cannot tell you how your hair will look at the end of the procedure.


With the hair replacement system, you don’t have to worry because you can replace it at any time without experiencing any physical pain


In the past, getting your hair back was a huge expense, but with a non-surgical hair replacement system, you can get your hair back easily and confidently!


Who won these two cost disputes? The answer is clear at a glance.

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