In the past ten years, certain hair replacement products have been more popular than others That's why Toupeec decided to choose the most widely recommended hair growth treatments and decode them!

In this article, we will discuss the 5 most recommended hair replacement for men solutions and their main features.

So, keep reading and find out the most popular hair alternatives to overcome the problem of hair loss:


Hair transplant 


Hair transplants are often the first to think of men suffering from permanent hair loss, such as pattern baldness.

This hair replacement is a surgical technique in which hair follicles are moved from one part of the body to the head in the bald area.

Surgeons usually remove these hair follicles from the back or side of the scalp, and then move them to the front or top of the head.

To During the treatment, the surgeon will numb the bald area of your scalp with a small needle filled with local anesthesia.

The cost of this hair replacement method is generally between US$3,000 and US$15,000, and the specific cost mainly depends on the amount of hair movement.

In addition to expensive hair transplant surgery, there are a considerable number of side effects.

The following are the main complications reported after treatment:


Scalp bleeding around the treatment site

Scalp infection



Hair loss caused by age in other regions


Hair replacement system


The hair replacement system is currently known as the safest hair restoration option on the market.

Wearing a hair system allows men and women to grow hair on their heads without the need for expensive medical procedures.

They are also called hairpieces, toupee hair wigs, hair replacement systems, but no matter what you call them, they cover the bald areas of the scalp using human hair and high-quality basic materials in a very realistic way.

The base of the hair system can be composed of polymer, mesh or a combination of both. Both of these materials provide a natural and undetectable hairline.

The hair system can be worn with tape, glue or clips.

Leading hair system brands provide off-the-shelf and customized hair replacement products.

When stock hair pieces are readily available, custom hair system can be customized in every aspect of the basic design and hair, namely length, color, thickness, and texture. Since using hairdressing systems has no major disadvantages other than the cost of repeated purchases, let us review why they are becoming more and more popular as a solution to hair loss:


They give a surreal feel


Super comfortable to wear


They are the cheapest hair repair options for men and women


No adverse reactions




Micropigmentation is widely used for realistic and natural coloring of eyebrows. Did you know that this program can also be used to treat hair loss? Yes, scalp micro pigmentation is an alternative to hair, which can produce dense hair illusion on the scalp.


In this hair restoration method, skilled practitioners use fine needles on the scalp and use a proprietary pigment formula to produce a large number of small marks, thus giving people the illusion of pruning natural hair.


Unlike hair transplants, this alternative is less painful and cheaper. This treatment is most suitable for people with hair loss. As an alternative to hair, SMP has proven to be beneficial for some people, but few have reported side effects.


This is due to some side effects of SMP:


People who are allergic to ink will have skin related problems, such as rash, itching, pain and swelling of the inking area


Inflammation around the tattoo ink on the scalp, such as granuloma


The use of infected needles during SMP may lead to blood borne diseases




Finasteride is mainly used to treat enlarged prostate, but it can also treat male and female pattern baldness.

Finasteride achieves the latter by lowering the level of dihydrotestosterone (DHT) in the body, a hormone responsible for reducing scalp hair follicles.

It takes about four to six months for this drug to see any effect on the scalp.

Before using this hair substitute, we recommend that you see a doctor first, because this medicine contains inactive ingredients that may cause allergic reactions on the scalp.

The following are some typical side effects of finasteride:


Sexual side effects: decreased libido, erectile dysfunction, ejaculation disorder


Swelling of hands and feet


Skin rash




We cannot deny the popularity of minoxidil as a hair substitute.

This is a topical medicine used to stimulate hair growth in men and women who suffer from hair loss.

Minoxidil can be used in liquid form or in foam form.

It expands blood vessels in the scalp to increase blood flow to the hair.

Minoxidil needs patience. Hairdressers all over the world have suggested that it usually takes several months to see the effect of this hair replacement program.

This is because the drug starts some new growth stages of hair follicles, which takes a long time. As a miraculous drug, Minoxidil has its own side effects:


Minoxidil will increase heart rate and cause chest pain


Excessive use of minoxidil can cause cardiac dysfunction


Will cause swelling of hands or feet


All of the hair replacement solutions listed above are used worldwide to overcome temporary and permanent hair loss. Except for the hair replacement systems, all hair restoration solutions can only be obtained in consultation with a licensed doctor.


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