It is easy to understand that the custom hair system is uniquely designed to fit the individual's head, and it can perfectly match the individual's exact hair density, hairline and color. Since everyone has their own unique hair loss pattern and head shape, the hair system can create a more natural and imperceptible appearance.


The stock hair system is to buy'in stock', after you pay, you can receive it in a few days, but you will not have the various options provided by a custom hair pieces. Understand the characteristics of custom hair system and stock hair systems, choose the one you like!


It requires a lot of design and technical decisions when creating a fully custom hair systems. For new wearers, this is not an easy task. do not worry! Our hair replacement consultant will contact you to check the details of your order and guide you to choose the appropriate density, color and other specifications.


Compare custom hair systems and stock hair systems

Compare custom hair system and stock hair system
Custom Hair System
Stock Hair System
Any degree of hair loss
any degree of hair loss
15-30 days production
delivery within 72 hours
Individually customized
manufactured according to general
Custom hair system
stock hair system
Any size
limited size (8"x10") or (7"x9")
Basic shape of any system
a standard basic shape
Density selection
one density for each type
Hair length selection
6 inches
Choice of curl and wave
no or little curl option
Custom hair color
limited color
Choice of hair direction
Match your own hairline style
standard CC front hairline style
Different hair types to choose from
Indian hair, or Indian Remy hair
Can buy more discounts
can buy more discounts
Starting at US$199
prices vary by product

Choose what suits you or what you like best.

Check the stock hair system, or contact us.