At toupeec we have mainly skin hair systems available in three different thicknesses. Our thickness options include ultra-thin base toupee hair(0.03mm), a thin skin base hair system(0.04-0.06mm), and a thick skin toupee wig (0.07-0.15mm). The thinner the skin base, the more lightweight, comfortable, and transparent it is, but the shorter the relative duration. Today, in this blog, we will talk about ultra-thin base mens hair systems.

    The thickness of the ultra-thin skin base toupee is generally 0.03mm, which is the thinnest of all hair systems, and the weight is very light, so you can't feel its weight after wearing it. The forehead hairline part adopts V-looped technology, showing a V shape, strong air circulation, and no knots at all, so the front hairline looks very natural.

    The hair density of the entire mens hair replacement changes from thin to thick, and gradually thickens towards the middle. The design of this transition looks realistic, similar to real human hair. The default hair density of the ultra-thin skin toupee mens wig is 95%, it is not suitable for men who want thick hair, because the base is too thin and can not hold too heavy hair.

    The base of an ultra-thin skin base mens hair systems is a double-edged sword, precisely because it is so thin, you need to handle it with care when applying and removing the hair systems, or you may tear the base. With proper maintenance, it only lasts 1-2 months, is not at all as durable as monofilament toupees, and is not suitable for those who wish to replace their mens hair replacement only once or twice a year.

    Of course, if you are wearing a toupee wig for the first time, ultra-thin skin toupee hair systems are a very good choice. You can feel their firm fit on your scalp, as well as the supernatural forehead hairline. Finally, you might be wondering how to remove the ultra-skin mens hair systems, you can completely soak the hair in the adhesive solvent solution and let it soak for up to 24 hours. After the toupee wig has been soaked long enough, run the water and gently wipe the adhesive from the base. Finally, clean the toupee hair with a non-irritating hair care product and allow the hairpieces for men to air dry. (It is best not to use tape to wear, it is easy to tear the base)

    If you have any questions about the men's hair systems, please do not hesitate to contact us, we will be happy to assist you.