Hormonal imbalances, anxiety, genetics, etc. can all lead to hair loss or baldness, and as this phenomenon becomes more common, the toupee for men continues to evolve. Because the base material of many hair pieces for men is different, toupee has many different names, so today we will discuss the difference between full lace toupees and poly skin mens hair replacement.

    Full Lace Base Hairpiece

    The entire base of the full lace hair system is composed of mesh lace, which is soft and imperceptible, and the delicate full lace toupee for men can be said to be a perfect substitute for hair transplant surgery. 100% Human hair is usually sewn to the base by hand, which also means that full lace mens hair replacement is more expensive. Lace is usually divided into French lace and Swiss lace. Swiss lace is softer and thinner, but be careful when wearing it to avoid tearing. Full lace toupees can be knotted in half, single, double or bleached knots for added flexibility.

    The full lace toupee hair should have the best ventilation effect among all hair systems. If you are a person who loves sports and sweats a lot, then the full lace toupee for men will be the perfect choice for you, and you will not feel any discomfort. 

    Poly Skin Base Hair Systems

    The base of the Poly skin base toupee hair is composed of face polyurethane material, which has a very good imperceptible forehead hairline, does not use the V-LOOPED process in the front and circulates ventilation. Toupee wig are just like our skin, light and comfortable. The base has no holes so air, water, or sweat cannot pass through the base, and while not as breathable as lace, it can also handle sweat.

    The wearing process of the two is similar, but from the perspective of cleaning, the skin base hair systems will be easier to clean than the full mens hair piece. When wearing a skin mens wigs, we recommend using glue to assist, because if you use tape, there may be obvious bulges, and when you remove it, it may pull on the base and cause irreversible folds. If you use glue, you can use the glue remover to remove it carefully.

    For a full lace toupee for men, there are holes in the base that can seep into the scalp if the glue is used. Moreover, the lace material is not easy to clean. If the force is too strong, the lace material may be damaged, but if it is not thoroughly cleaned, the accumulated grease secretions and residual adhesive will damage the toupees. Therefore, we generally recommend using tape to wear a hair system.

    All in all, this blog just briefly explained the difference between full lace hair systems and poly skin base hairpiece, no matter what type of hair system you buy, please refer to our suggestions, hope this article is useful to you.