As a novice buying toupee hair for the first time, the choice of the base is the top priority. If you don't take the time to understand and analyze the advantages and disadvantages of each base, you may choose the wrong men's wig.

    The hair pieces for men cap is the base material of the toupee hair that covers the head, it will cover the entire scalp like a cap. It provides a smooth surface and is generally applied to the mesh cap using glue or tape as an adhesive.

    What is a full lace hair systems base? 

    In full lace toupee hair, the entire base is made of lace material. The larger the lace area, the more breathable, comfortable, and elastic the base is, with a natural appearance, which is very suitable for those who like to do outdoor sports and sweat. Of course, full lace hair pieces for men are also the most expensive because they use fine, high-quality lace.

    What is a skin mens hair replacement base?
    The base of the skin mens hair replacement is a blend of polyurethane (PU) material that mimics the look of real skin, which is a good value for money and provides a natural look, but if you live in a very hot area, the skin base can make your scalp feel hot and uncomfortable. Take extra care when cleaning the adhesive on it, as it is more prone to tearing. 

    What is a monofilament hair systems for men base?

    Durable and versatile, monofilament toupee hair is made of clear polyester or micro-mesh material (upper area) so your skin tone can show through and create a neat look. Monofilament hair pieces for men can freely change the parting and style of the hair. Compared with full lace toupee hair and skin wigs, the comfort of monofilament men's wigs is not very high.

    What is a lace front hair wig for men base

    Lace Front toupee hair use lace material on the front section to mimic the appearance of hair growth on the front hairline, it helps to achieve a hyper-realistic forehead hairline. And you can experience the benefits of both lace and skin or lace and monofilament base materials at the same time.

    The above is a brief introduction to 4 kinds of hair systems bases. If you want to know more about mens hair replacement, please enter our product link and learn more about toupee hair in combination with product pictures. Or contact us for more knowledge.