For many people who wear hair pieces for men, the most annoying thing should be maintaining the men's wig hair system! I hope there is one that can be worn continuously for several months, the hairline is still clean and tidy, and the front of the toupee will not be raised. Of course, this should not be possible. If your hair system is raised and warped prematurely, here are a few reasons for you.

    If you have naturally oily skin, your scalp produces a lot of oil, or if you sweat a lot in hot weather, this may cause some areas of your hair system to lift slightly, which is usually the case on the front of a toupee.

    Many men may just have thinning on the top of their head and are not fully bald, but if you plan to wear a toupee, shave all the hair on the top first, and then take the time to condition the scalp so that no residue is left on the scalp. In this way, the hair pieces for men can be firmly and flatly adhered to the scalp without being hindered by the hair. And after wearing the toupee hair with adhesive, wait a while to make sure the toupees are fully bonded and dry.

    Of course, the most important step is to clean the hair systems for men and hairlines. You can decide the frequency of cleaning according to your own situation. If you wear full lace mens toupee, thin skin hair pieces for men, and lace front with PU hair system, you may need to thoroughly clean your hairline once a week. Use the glue remover to remove the hair systems for men, and then use a cotton pad with alcohol to gently wipe the hairline area to ensure that the adhesive is thoroughly cleaned,

    Of course, wearing low-quality addition mens toupee won't last as long as our Toupeec wig for men, and they can quickly show up as a hairpiece lift. By choosing a quality supplier, you can avoid making the wrong decision.