Generally speaking, the longevity of the hair system depends on the type of toupees base you buy, the way the hair pieces for men are made, how much you sweat per day and how often you use it, maintenance and cleaning methods, etc.

    The average lifespan of a mens hair replacement :

    Thin Skin base mens hair systems last 3-4 weeks
    French Full Lace base hair system lasts 4-6 Months
    Swiss Full Lace base Hair System lasts 2-3 months
    Monofilament Poly And Skin base mens hair systems 6-9 months
    Lace Front With PU mens hair replacement can last 2-4 months

    Knot Types on the hairpiece for men:
    Single Knot
    Inject Hair
    Double Knot

    In conclusion, lace hair pieces for men last longer than skin base toupees hair. The Mono hair systems are the most durable base and are the best option if you don't plan on changing mens hair systems frequently. The V-looped hooks in and out of the base in a V-shape for smooth air circulation; the double knot is a double knot, which is the safest type of knot in the entire hair pieces for men.

    If you use mens hair systems a lot, you will need to clean your mens wig more often, which can also cause the wig to be pulled, speeding up the process of shedding the hairpiece for men system. But if your toupee hair system keeps falling off, under the normal mens hair replacement care process, it may be a quality problem of the product itself.

    In order to prevent the hair system from falling out quickly, we should use shampoo without alcohol and harsh chemicals; if you like to sleep with hair pieces for men, use a soft satin pillowcase as much as possible to avoid excessive pulling on the hair.

    Of course, we have to accept the natural life cycle of mens hair systems. When your toupee hair shows signs of falling off, you can buy new hair systems on the website in advance. If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us!