If this is your first time wearing a hair system, the skin toupee hair is a very good choice. One reason is that it provides the most natural front hairline. The second reason is that it's a full skin base hair pieces for men, so it's very firmly attached to the head.

    At Toupeec we have full skin mens wigs for baldness available in three different thicknesses replacement hair. Our thickness options include Ultra Thin Skin hair toupees(0.03mm), Thin Skin toupee for men (0.04-0.06mm), Thick Skin mens hair toupee(0.07-0.15mm). The thinner the base, the more transparent it is.

    The 100% human hair on the front hairline of the skin men hairline is V-shaped, through the v-looped technology, and has no knots at all, so the front hairline looks natural. The thin skin base male wigs feel just right in the hand without feeling too thin or thick.

    You can choose the hair density according to your own natural hair condition and preference, our density option changes from thin to thick: 80%-90%,100%-110%,120%-130%. And we will knot the real human hair from thin to thick at the bottom. The design of this transition looks realistic, like hair growing out of the scalp. 100%-110% density toupee hairpiece is just right and natural for many people.

    If you choose ultra-thin hair male hairpieces, you need to be gentle when you apply and remove the toupee or you may tear the base. Toupee hairpiece also only lasts 2-3 months if properly cared for. It is not suitable for those who wish to replace their mens human hair wigs only once or twice a year. But with careful maintenance, the real hair wigs for men can also outlive their expected lifespan.