Toupee hair pieces for men are mainly divided into the following two types according to the material: 100% human hair toupee hair and synthetic hair toupee wig.

    Synthetic mens toupee made of chemical fibers are cheap and can meet your needs for various colors of hair wig for men. It is especially suitable for bald men who like cosplay or famous bald people who have performance needs. The styling effect is lasting. But the fidelity is poor and doesn't look particularly natural. This kind of hair pieces for thinning hair is easy to wear, but it may cause scalp allergies, and it is easy to get knotted. It is generally a one-time product.

    And human hair mens hair toupee is the most popular hair system now. Our hair is all made of pure real human hair. The fidelity is very high. You will have an invisible and natural hairline. Can't tell you're wearing mens wigs for baldness. Moreover, mens hair is not easy to tangle and can be cut, dyed, and permed. Just like the Thin Skin base hair replacement, you can trim the size as you like.

    It should be noted that the lifespan of a men wigs depends on how much you care for your hair. Ultra-thin hair piece can last 2-3 months with careful maintenance. We do not recommend washing the mens hair pieces frequently. Generally, the bottom of the glue or tape can be wiped with alcohol frequently according to the frequency of once a week.

    The real hair toupee is well-made, there is no heavy feeling after wearing it, you can wear mens human hair wigs every day, the appearance and color can remain unchanged for a long time, more stable, and it is easy to become soft in the later stage. If you exercise a lot, we recommend choosing full lace hair pieces for short hair - the most breathable man toupee.

    There are many kinds of mens wigs for sale. When buying a toupee for men, you should consider your own hair condition. When choosing a color, try to choose a color that is similar to your natural hair. If you don’t have hair, you can choose a hair that is similar to the color of your beard, and buy suitable real hair wigs for men based on economic conditions.