Toupeec heard about some hair shedding problems on thin monofilament bases.

So, we'll explain to you why this happens.


There are two main causes of hair loss. First, the knot is loosened, so the durability is reduced. The other is damaged hair roots.


For monofilament, we use double knots. Double knots are the strongest. They are very tight and not easy to loosen. For this reason, knotting is usually not the cause of hair loss on thin filament substrates.


The root of hair is damaged. This is usually due to the customer's lack of good maintenance. If the hair system is not properly cleaned, there will be dirt or residue on the base of the monofilament, such as glue, gel, shampoo and so on. The hair will corrode and cause hair loss.


It is essential that you properly maintain and clean the hair replacement system to ensure maximum service life. We also recommend the use of spray conditioners, rather than ordinary conditioners, because the oils used in conditioners are more difficult to rinse from the knots.