Both the base color of the hair systems and the direction of the hair make it impossible to detect the front hairline.

Tens of thousands of customers ask us to customize toupee hair, and more than 80% of them will add a special requirement in their orders, that is, "I want the natural invisible hairline" or "I want the hidden toupee hair wigs, especially the natural front line". Here are some tips to help you get invisible hairlines.


Choose the right front face shape.

No one wants a straight hairline, isn't that fake? That's why the right front shape with a stable and natural back knot will give you the perfect result.


Lace bottom

There are many different types of base materials, but to get the most natural look, you need to use lace hair pieces. There are many kinds of lace, for those who can afford it, Swiss lace will provide you with the best appearance. However, I must point out that since Swiss lace is such a delicate material, their service life will not be very long. For more durable products, please match with French lace, so you can also get a completely natural appearance, but the service life will be longer.


Bleached knots

Bleached knots help enhance the invisible hairline.