Thin skin and french lace are the most popular hair piece bases,

Some customers ask "skin and lace" which is better?


Lifetime of toupee base


There is not much difference between the two, because the life span of skin and lace is about 3-6 months. However, if the thickness of the leather base ordered is greater than 0.10 mm, the service life will be longer.



The knots used in French lace are single and double.

The knots used on the skin are single open knots, v-looped and injectable.

v-looped and injection type nodeless knots, so the base looks very natural.


Material Science


French lace is soft, thin and most importantly, its holes make it breathable. If you live in a warm climate or summer, French lace is a better choice. Thin skin is like your own scalp. When you put on a skin based toupee wigs, the hair looks like it grows out of your own scalp. However, if there is no lace hole, it will not be as breathable as lace. Although some customers ask us to make holes in the base to improve the air permeability, we are happy to serve you.


Make a choice


Frankly speaking, lace and skin have no definite advantages and disadvantages, it depends more on your needs and preferences. If lace suits you, then lace is the best; if skin suits you, then skin is the best.


Then try to determine the most suitable method for your hair replacement systems based on your experience.