When you ask, how long can the hair systems last?


This question is not easy to answer. We can only give you the approximate duration.It all depends on the usage.


At first, lack of experience may shorten service life. When you first use the hair system, it takes a little time to learn how to treat it. This includes how to style, brush, wash and what products you use. By sharing our own experience and the experience of our customers, we can help you complete the initial process.


We always recommend that you maintain your hair system from 1 to 10 days. This is critical because the adhesive you are using will clog the hair and if it does not remain on the hair, it must be removed with a solvent. Solvents are abrasive products and we recommend that they be used only in emergencies. If your maintenance is consistent with you, your hair system will last longer.


Let's go back to the new shoe example. If you do a lot of sports, go to the beach or climb mountains, shoes won't last as long as walking on the sidewalk. It's the same with your hair system, which depends entirely on your lifestyle. If you do a lot of exercise, go to the pool or beach, then your system won't last long. It is also affected by the way the hair system is maintained.


As a reminder, this is a brief description of the estimated duration of the system:


Swiss Lace:


It's the best and therefore the hardest to find. So good, and the most exquisite.


Life expectancy: about 2 months


French lace:


It's a little thicker than Swiss lace, but you can hardly tell the difference. However, it is slightly more durable than Switzerland.


Life expectancy: 2 – 4 months.




If your priority is longer service life and comfort, we recommend mono hair pieces.


Because the base material is not so soft, it is easier to attach, disassemble and maintain.


Life expectancy: more than 6 months.