If you want to use a hair replacement system, you must know how to choose the best hair type for the hair system.


Our factory has ordinary Indian hair, Remy Indian hair, Chinese hair and Chinese European hair. If you don't know the difference, we'll explain it here.


1. Ordinary Indian hair is treated with acid.

You can see black knots at the end of your hair. It's the most common hair used for hair replacement. The original wigs made in our factory have ordinary Indian hair.


2. Remy Indian hair is unprocessed hair

So the epidermis remains intact. The tip and root of the hair are in the same direction. It's very natural and healthy. Please note that Remy Indian finished hair can only be up to 6 inches in length.


3. Virgin hair is also unprocessed hair.

It's thicker than Indian hair. Virgin hair usually comes from a young woman in her twenties with the same direction of the tip and root. Especially suitable for women who want long hair. The finished product is up to 24 inches in length.


4. Original European hair is the softest and thinnest hair.

It can be used for hair replacement and can be up to 6 inches in length. In addition, we only make natural color for European hair.