Stock hair replacement system vs custom hair replacement system


There are two ways to buy a hair replacement system:


The first is to select a piece of already made hair, where you can select features such as base material and hair length (stock hairpieces). The second option is to use precise measurements and then choose from the base material, style and other options (custom hair pieces).


Stock Hair Replacement

It's made of standard size and color.



Supply immediately or up to 10 days.

It's cheaper.



Prevent completely customized wigs.

Basic measurements are not always suitable for the user's needs.


Custom hair replacement products:

Custom hair substitutes are clips made from scratch, completely customized for each user. After the measurement process is complete, you can select all features: basic model, basic size, color, density, hair length, wavy shape. It is also a product made of natural wool, and is 100% handmade, so the manufacturing time is two months, and the price is high.



Customize parts to all your specifications

Perfect fit.



About 2 months of manufacturing time.

The price should be higher.