Silk top is one of the most natural ventilation methods, also known as injection lace.


This ventilation method is used for lace material.


The advantage of this knot method is that there is no knot on the hair side of the lace chassis. Naturally, hair looks as if it's coming from your own scalp. This kind of ventilation technology is very complicated. It requires skilled knotting and takes much longer to produce. Therefore, the cost is higher than that of other ventilation methods, but the result is definitely worth the money.


Ventilation process of Silk top hair piece:


First, tie your hair to the side of your scalp and tie a knot on the lace. Note that the lace applied to the top of the silk is not French because it will be covered with silk mono after the unit is completed and will not be displayed. We chose very durable lace as our silk top.


Next, pull the hair out of the upper sole (monofilament) on the side of the hair. Therefore, the knot is hidden under the upper base (silk sheet). After ventilation, a layer of basic single crystal diamond was added to the scalp side to cover the knot. This makes the scalp side of the base smooth and comfortable. Some customers just don't want the third layer of mono because they don't want the base too thick. In this case, we only make two layers of Silk tops for them.


If you really want a very natural look with lace material and don't mind the higher price, then injecting lace is your best choice.