The toupeec factory produces a variety of primary hair systems made from a variety of different base materials.


These include all French lace toupee wigs, lace with transparent Pu back and sides, thin leather base and high quality single base.


Now, I will tell you the advantages of each basic design to help you choose the best hair pieces for yourself.


All French lace base hair pieces:

Bleached knot, breathable and invisible. Full lace fabric can also be easily cut into smaller sizes.


Lace with transparent Pu on back and sides:

Bleached knots in lace area, breathable and invisible. Transparent Pu is ideal for tape and can be cut into smaller sizes.


Thin skin base toupee for men:

knotting is optional, usually V-looped, knotting and single open knot. V-loop base transmitter provides high volume. It has no knots, so it looks more natural.

The injected base injects hair into the skin.Because there is no knot, it looks natural.Single open junctions have knots on the skin.

Although they look unnatural, they have a longer service life than v-rings and injection junctions.


Excellent mono base hair system:

the longest service life of all the types described. Although there are no bleached knots, these bases are robust and durable.