Many customers lack the experience of using toupee tape or adhesive to bond hair system.

Toupeec introduces some tips here.


Did you know that even a small part of the adhesive residue will destroy the adhesion between the adhesive tape and the toupee and prevent the hairpieces from remaining firmly on your head? Therefore, before wearing toupees, the head should be thoroughly removed.


Here are the steps to prepare your scalp before wearing a toupee:


Wipe the sticky area vigorously with a wet towel. You can also spray a light mist of oily degumming agent. This will help to remove the adhesive more thoroughly.

Wash the whole head 4-5 times. Including scalp and hair. Scrub the scalp to ensure that the adhesive and oily adhesive remover are completely removed. It is best to use exfoliating gloves when washing. This will help to wash more clearly.

Dry the head and remove any hair or residue from the bond. After cleaning, dry the head with a dry towel or hair dryer. Make sure that the head is completely dry, otherwise moisture can damage adhesion.

Use scalp preparation. To promote adhesion, you can apply a layer of scalp preparation (also known as skin protector). This will promote bonding with toupee tape and adhesives and also protect your skin.