What is the best hair replacement systems?

In fact, all hair replacements have their own advantages. We can't say which one is the best, but we can help customers choose the most suitable one. We offer a variety of base designs for hair replacement, including: single hair base, lace base, skin base, silk jacket and combination base. To help you choose the most suitable base material for your customers, please check its functions below.

Mono hair pieces

The high-quality mono backing has a strong weave structure and can withstand extremely heavy hair density, so it is particularly durable. So it's a good choice if the customer wants a high density hair replacement. We also offer ultra-fine single bases, but they can withstand the maximum medium density. For fine welded mono, the front and side are usually fixed to another substrate type. Like a single base, it can withstand additional retransmission density. The medium density is the basis of the most skin friendly.

Lace hair pieces  

French lace is often used as a hair replacement for hair. It's breathable and natural. The highest hair density of French lace is medium weight (140%). French lace is flesh colored and can be dyed light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black. We can also add a bleached knot to the French lace base. We have full French lace base hair replacement and bleached knots everywhere. We can also carry out different basic designs and distribute French lace on the front or in the middle. No matter what basic design customers want, we have the ideal solution. Swiss lace is softer than French lace. It's good, but it's also exquisite. The normal wearing time is only about one month. It has the same color as French lace. The highest density of Swiss lace is medium brightness, and bleached knots are optional. I suggest customers choose French lace instead of Swiss lace, because French lace is more durable and can withstand higher density than Swiss lace.

Skin pieces 

Sometimes, customers may be confused about skin, PU with gauze and PU coating. In fact, they are totally different materials. Skin can be divided into three types:thin skin, medium thick skin and thick skin.

The thickness range of thin skin is 0.03mm-0.10mm. We call it 0.03mm ultra-thin skin. Our stock ultra-thin skin with thickness of 0.03mm.

Medium thickness skin refers to the thickness of 0.12-0.14mm.

Thick skin means the thickness is between 0.16-0.18mm.

Pu with gauze is created by brushing a layer of polysilicon on the bottom of the screen.

PU coating is made by connecting French lace or fine single layer and polymer layer to Pu gauze.

Many customers like to replace their hair, but what are the advantages?

First, the thickness of the replacement hair is different. When the skin is thin, it looks more natural. When the skin gets thicker, it becomes more durable. Therefore, changing hair allows customers to choose a specific thickness according to their different needs.

Secondly, hair transplants have different types of knots. They can be knotted, V-shaped or injected. Different knot types have different effects. Knots are durable, injected hair is more natural, v-rings are more natural than knots, but not durable. Therefore, hair replacement also allows customers to choose specific knot types according to their needs.

Third, the implant is easy to adhere, glue or tape is easier to remove. They are convenient for customers who lose their hair daily or weekly. However, the skin is not breathable.

However, if the customer needs, we can make some small holes in the base to get better ventilation. If customers don't like the knots on their hair replacement system, injecting skin base is a good choice. Using the injected skin base, the hair will be injected into the base, which looks very natural, just like the hair grows from the scalp.

There are two types of injectable skin bases: flat injectable skin base and lift injectable skin base.

The skin base of flat injection is more common in the two kinds of injection. The hair is laid flat on the scalp and can be easily combed and shaped. The skin base injected with lift looks upright because it is injected directly into the hair from above. The base of the skin injected with the lift looks more natural than that injected with the flat, but the hair is not so easy to comb freely.