Advantages of replacement mens hair systems:

1. Toupee hair is the best option for covering sparse or bald areas on the top of your head
2. The toupee wigs come in a variety of sizes and colors and can blend in very naturally with your own hair. And you can choose human hair or synthetic hair according to your needs. Our hair systems are made of human hair, which is more realistic.

3. The hair pieces for men can be easily attached to the top of the head using glue or adhesive.

4. The mens wig has different material bases for you to choose from. Different bases have a different service life. If you choose an ultra-thin base hair system, because it is very light and natural, the service life is about one month.

5. Hair pieces for men can be considered a cost-effective solution compared to hair transplant surgery or hair loss treatment.

Disadvantages of wig replacement system:

1. It may take some time to choose a toupee that matches your existing hair type and color, and if you choose the wrong one, the toupee hair may appear particularly unnatural.

2. How to make the mens hair systems wear real and natural, which also tests some wearing skills. A male unit can look conspicuous if it is not used securely, maintained, or styled incorrectly.

3. Unlike hair transplant surgery, toupee wigs can only be regarded as a temporary solution for hair loss, and the hair system needs to be replaced after six months at most. But if it is a monofilament hair system, it can be used for a year with proper maintenance.

4. Toupee hair needs time and effort to maintain. If you don't have much patience, you can buy several more wigs at one time and use them in rotation to reduce the repeated use of the same wig.

5. The area that a hairpiece can cover is limited, and if your hair continues to thin or go bald in more areas, a wig may not be the best choice.