If you know anything about Hollywood, you should know that American actor and "American Horror Story" star Cheyenne Jackson, 46, has had five hair transplants. His hair loss belongs to the family, and his own brother has the same trouble, but his brother chooses to shave his head. Jackson chose to have hair transplant surgery, and he has shown on social media that the scars left by the surgery are a shallow arc.

    Stress, hormone imbalances, family inheritance, malnutrition, and other reasons can cause hair loss problems. Some people choose to have hair transplant surgery, while others choose mens hair replacement. As Jackson experienced, if you choose a hair transplant, you may have to go through many surgeries, which can cost a lot of money and go through a painful recovery period.

    If you are not ready for a hair transplant and want to solve the problem of hair loss, you might as well choose to try hair pieces for men. Full lace base toupee will last at least 6 months with good maintenance and will work equally well with a variety of hairstyles. Men's wigs also have a variety of bases for you to choose from. If you are in a high-temperature area, you can choose a skin base mens toupee, which is light and breathable, providing a realistic and natural hairline.

    Whether you choose hair transplant surgery or a mens hair system, it all depends on your own situation and preferences. It's just that toupee wigs are more cost-effective than hair transplant surgery, so you don't have to worry about any recovery problems later.

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