If you wear toupee hair often, then you should know the correct means of care, which can prolong the life of the mens wig. For the maintenance of the toupee, the most important and critical is to completely remove the tape from the hair systems for men. If the adhesive from the base of the wig is not removed cleanly, it can lead to residue build-up that can lift or fall off the toupee wig, and the remaining tape on the base can prevent the new adhesive from functioning.

    When you are ready to remove the hair system, you should first prepare a professional glue remover and cotton swabs. Dampen a cotton swab with the glue remover and remove the hair pieces for men little by little along the edges. Be sure not to pull the hairpiece directly, you may pull your own hair out. If you're wearing a skin base hair system, it may tear the base.

    The base of the hair systems for men may still have tape remaining after the hair system has been removed. At this time, we need to soak the adhesive tape with the glue remover, and after a period of time, gently remove the adhesive tape.

    After removing the tape, you need to rinse the base with running warm or cool water and shampoo your hair. It is best not to apply conditioner to the base, which may cause the tape or other adhesives to lose their tack. Then let the mens wig air dry naturally.