The thin skin toupee wig replacement hair system is made of polyurethane material, the base, as the name suggests, is just like our skin, it can be perfectly integrated with the scalp. Thin skin toupee wigs provide an invisible and natural hairline, thin and soft. Because they are so thin, they tear easily. Today we will share how to maintain thin-skin wigs in daily life.

    Any type of toupee for men requires regular cleaning and maintenance, and proper storage to maintain its shape and appearance. The lifespan of wigs depends on how well you maintain them, and with the right care, the mens hair systems can last nearly a year of use, and if not properly cared for, the hair system can quickly wreak havoc and tear.

    First of all, if the adhesive or grease secretion on the base of the toupee wig is not cleaned, it will cause the wig to lift during wearing, so we need to clean the mens hair systems regularly. First, apply a small amount of conditioner or hair cleanser evenly to the hair and comb through with a wide-tooth comb. Then rinse gently with warm or cold water, and try to avoid soaking the hairpiece in water for a long time. Finally, let it air dry naturally, do not dry it with physical methods such as a hair dryer, and avoid direct sunlight.

    Second, put the hair on the mens toupee wig holder at night or when the wig system is not worn, maintaining its original shape. 

    The frequency of use of hair pieces will also affect their lifespan. It is best to prepare two wigs for men and use them in rotation, which can prolong the use time.