The production of men's toupee wig is to tie the hair on the base by knotting, and the knotting method is generally divided into a single knot and a double knot. You must have heard of it, right? But do you know the difference between these two knots?

    General mens hair piece is made with a single knot, usually, with real 100% human hair knotted in a replacement mens hair systems around the hairline. Single knots are not visible and can provide a very natural look. And if you use a single knot, your hair looks smooth.

    But because the single knot is only tied once, it is easier to loosen and fall off than the double knot, and it is not as durable and strong as the double knot mens wig system.

    If you want to choose a high-density toupee wig, then it is more suitable to choose a mens hair system with double knots. Two or three strands of hair are tied in double knots for added strength.

    Also, double knots look less natural than single knot hair systems, the knots at the base of this wig are larger and more pronounced, and try not to keep people staring at your toupee wig.