When it comes to thin-skin hair systems, the first question is usually 'how thin do you want your hair system to be?'at Toupeec, we have several skin thicknesses to choose from. We have Toupeec thicknesses for ultra-thin, ultra-thin, thin and normal skin hair.


Ultra-thin skin hair system


Ultra-thin skin, also known as “thin skin”, is our thinnest skin. Our Eros male hair system has a complete ultra-thin skin base with a thickness of only 0.02mm-0.03mm. Such a skin base needs us The craftsmen make it carefully, and when making it, the hair needs to be injected into the base. This process is a delicate process to ensure that the substrate remains intact. There is a 10% chance that the production base of the ultra-thin skin hair system will be destroyed and this will need to be done again. Therefore, the price of ultra-thin skin is relatively high.


Although exquisite, our Eros hair system is the most natural looking one on the toupee market. You will never notice someone wearing a toupee, because this is a completely undetectable system.


The only drawback of Eros is that the air permeability is not as good as the lace hair system. As long as it is properly treated, it can only last for 2-3 months. However, in order to obtain the most realistic look, people often give up air permeability and durability.


Super Thin Skin Toupee


It is called ultra-thin because this skin is very thin, but slightly thicker than ultra-thin skin. Our Men's Mirage toupee has ultra-thin skin. The Mirage has a 0.04 mm thick full skin base.


The front hairline area of ​​the Phantom toupee has 1/8 inch skin, which is the same as the Eros Ultra Thin Skin Hair System. Hairline 1/8 inch skin provides a very natural hairline second skin appearance. Even better, the skin at the back is relatively thicker and stronger. The mirage can last longer than Eros at 4-6 months.


Thin Skin Hair Replacement


Our Coeus men's hair replacement device has a 0.1 mm thick, fully thin skin base. Since Coeus is easier to produce, it is cheaper. Coeus is thicker than the first two thinner styles and therefore stronger. Coeus can provide you with 6-9 months of wearing time.


Normal skin men's hair unit


The Achilles men's hair unit has a 0.12 mm full skin foundation, which is the thickest and most powerful skin hair system. Its hair density has reached 130%, so it is more suitable for young people with thick hair. Although the base is very thick, the front hairline is scallop-shaped, which makes the front hairline natural and creates the appearance of natural hair growth. Because the base is the thickest, the air permeability will be poor. If you are sweating, we suggest you not choose this one.


Front skin with lace


Oceania is considered a skin unit because the main part of the basic structure is the skin. It has 0.1mm skin base at the back and about 1.5 inches lace at the front. This is a super durable hair system with a density of 130%

Compared with the lace-based hair system, the skin hair system is easier to use. It is recommended that people who start to wear toupees choose the skin-hair system. It is easier to put on, disassemble and clean. Moreover, if they use the same bonding method, it will be firmly fixed on the head and will be longer than the lace base


In the four skin hair systems mentioned above, you can use Eros, Phantom and Coeus to expose your front hairline without any problem. However, for Achilles, you'd better wear tassels or comb your hair forward, because the exposed hairline may be a bit obvious.