Toupeec specializes in hair pieces.

Hair pieces are more difficult to make than full top wigs because they need to match the customer's own head shape, base size, hair color, hair texture, waviness and density. Hair pieces need to do more detailed work to make sure they match perfectly. Custom toupee hair pieces are one of our most popular orders.


What should you do first.


  1. Make the template from your head. The template must be exactly the same size and shape as the head. Or, if you think the normal contour and shape are OK, you can measure the length and width of the bald area.


  1. Take a hair sample from your own head or old hair piece. Or, if you like one of our colors, please indicate the color code.


  1. Determine the length, size, density and gray percentage of the hair.


  1. Send the purchase order and hair sample together with the order.



Do you think it's good for you?

never mind.

You can send a hair piece sample (your old toupee hair piece is OK), which is very suitable for you. Just tell us you want to copy it.

What should we do after receiving your custom hair pieces order


  1. According to the template you sent us or according to the detailed size you provided, make gypsum mold.


  1. Fix the base on the plaster mold and make sure that the base is completely consistent with the mold.


  1. Choose the right texture hair and match the hair color with the hair sample or your given color code. How do we handle hair and match hair color? it's a long story. The first step of acid treatment is to remove the skin from the hair, make it smooth and remove tangles. We bleach our hair to a different base color and then dye it to the desired color. The coloring process is not simple. In fact, most of our own hair has several different shades, and we need to use different colors of hair to mix them into the desired hair color to match your hair color exactly.


  1. The waves and curls of perm are correct.


  1. If it is required to use white hair, we will perm the white hair separately, because the white hair should be permed at different temperatures. Then mix the white and black hair evenly.


  1. Now, send the base and hair to the ventilator. The ventilator will discharge the hair from the base according to the required hair density. The process is a thread. It usually takes 2-3 weeks to ventilate the hair piece.


  1. After ventilation, we brush multi layers on Pu area to make PU skin smooth. We need to brush a layer and dry it in the oven. After the polymer is dry, we brush another layer to make the surface smooth


  1. Wash the toupee hair piece, condition the hair and dry it naturally.


  1. Style and packaging.


These nine steps are just the most basic steps, because there are too many different basic models and different knot types. Each model has different details. That's why you need highly skilled manufacturers to make custom toupee hairpieces orders. Toupeec is detail oriented, which is why it has won the trust of customers who continue to buy from us.