For those seeking to solve the problem of hair loss, non-surgical hair replacement systems are good choice. A painless method of hair replacement. If you want to know more about the system, please contact toupeec, our replacement experts will be happy to answer any questions you have.



The price ofhair pieces in stock ranges from $129 to $300. In addition, routine checks are required to remove, clean and monitor potential hair growth.



Non surgical hair replacement procedure - place a thin layer of transparent polyurethane on the scalp to form a tight film, which can be used as a "second skin".


The non hair replacement system membrane is implanted into human hair and can match the existing hair features of patients.


These detailed design specifications include location specific color matching, density selection, implant orientation, hairline, coronal and parting, and other features.



The transparent polyurethane film (called liquid skin) makes the patient visible under the scalp and has a natural appearance at the crown and branches.


There is no doubt that the advantage of modern non-surgical hair replacement lies in its non-invasive adhesion, which enables users to participate in sports and water activities with complete comfort and confidence. Non operative hair replacement surgery is the choice of many celebrities and athletes.


Continuous technological advances have led to the modern non hair replacement system, which replaces the infamous hair of the past.


Users of hair replacement systems find that traditional terms, such as toupee, hair piece and wig, have derogatory meanings for the quality and concept of modern non hair replacement systems.


After all, the non-surgical hair replacement procedure is a very superior and advanced version of the original hair piece.



The construction of the membrane involves creating a precise template or mold for the patient's scalp. This ensures a perfect fit with the scalp area where hair needs to be changed.


The customized scalp template can only change hair in the scalp area suffering from hair loss.


Therefore, the patient can successfully recover the bilateral temporal depression, the coronal (APEX) thinning, and gradually recover the whole hair in the later stage.


Ready made membranes are cheap.


Modern non surgical hair replacement techniques bond the system to the scalp with a translucent, hypoallergenic medical adhesive.  

This provides a skin-tight adhesion with the perimeter of healthy terminal hairs, shaven to 2mm, surrounding the area requiring replacement. The procedure is painless, non-intrusive and the adhesive is resilient to sweat and water. A porous membrane allows the epidermis to breath and aids cleanliness.


Hair replacement systems need to be detached, cleaned and reattached approximately every four weeks. Following reattachment of the system, the existing scalp hair needs to be re-blended to ensure a perfect integration.