Non-Surgical Hair replacement is a revolutionary hair loss solution for men and women. It is safe, mild and can provide lasting effect without causing risk or damage to other hair care treatments.


Non-surgical hair grafting is a revolutionary alternative to traditional hair replacement. Unlike hair replacement surgery or ointments, it ensures results without cost or side effects. Compared with the traditional receiving and sending, it is softer and safer, can achieve complete mobility, and is almost invisible to the eyes.


As more and more individuals with hair loss or sparse hair need an effective and natural hair loss solution, non-surgical hair transplantation has become the best among its competitors. If you are considering non-surgical hair transplantation, you should pay attention to the following six facts:


First:attach "skin on skin" instead of "hair on hair": traditional hair extensions (such as knitting and tracking) attach themselves to an individual's hair. This usually damages the hair follicles and can lead to greater hair loss. In non-surgical hair transplantation, a mild medical grade adhesive is used to attach or "implant" hair additives to the bare human scalp. In addition, since the additive is attached to the scalp rather than natural hair follicles, it will not grow out and remain safe to the head.


Second: aimed at replicating growing hair: for individuals suffering from severe hair loss, the skin base that can replicate growing hair is transplanted to baldness. The sanitary and airtight cap allows the hair around the head to grow without injury.


Third: keep your hair natural: non surgical hair transplants are designed to mimic your existing hairstyles. From color to length to style, each component has been customized to suit the expected appearance of the candidate.


Fourth, complete freedom: grafted hair moves and feels like natural hair. It can be brushed and separated on any side or in any direction. The hair is straight, can sleep comfortably, and can be heated and shaped like normal hair. Most importantly, you can take a shower and swim in it without worrying about getting out.


Fifth: 100% human hair: non surgical hair transplantation only uses 100% human scalp epidermis human hair, which is the highest quality hair available at present. Remy's hair has a natural shine and luster that other types of human or synthetic hair don't have.



Sixth: fast and reusable: short hair for women can be transplanted in less than 3 hours. Men usually don't date for more than two hours. The hair can be worn for 5-8 weeks and then reconnected. It is recommended to purchase a second unit to wear while maintaining another unit.