In the past few days, some new customers have asked about the ideal time to wear a toupee.


As to how often to delete, it depends on your preferences and some other factors.




  1. Some customers don't like to sleep with toupees. They remove them at night and use them again the next morning before going out. If you remove it every day, you don't need to remove the tape and wash your hair every time. Just leave the tape on it and put it away the next morning.




  1. If you sweat or do a lot of exercise, it is recommended that you take it out and clean it frequently.




  1. If the skin is greasy, it's better to remove and wash the hair frequently to prolong its service life.




  1. The skin system can be worn for a long time because liquid adhesive can be used directly. The liquid adhesive is strong enough to allow more than a month of wear before it needs to be removed.




  1. When using lace system, it is not good to apply liquid adhesive directly on the substrate, so it is better to apply adhesive tape on the substrate first. In general, tape is as durable as liquid adhesive. It's time to remove the toupeewhen you feel it's not as tightly fixed as before.




You can use these tips to decide how often to remove your toupee.




By the way, there are different types of tape for different wear times. Some types are suitable for daily wear, some for 3-7 days, and some for half a month or more. No matter what your dress preference is, there will be something suitable for you.