The longevity of a men's hair system depends on three things: the basic material, the quality of the hair and how you maintain it. Here, we will give you a better idea as to how long the men's hair system can last.


Basic material




This is a major decision when you buy man's toupee. The less noticeable the hair, the more delicate it is. The following is a list of how long a hair replacement system can last:




The life expectancy of men’s toupees depends on three main factors-base material, hair quality and hair care and maintenance. The general guidelines below outline how long your hair replacement system can last.




  1. Polyurethane hair care system is generally used for 9-12 months


  1. The combination of single-use and multi-use hair systems generally lasts 6-9 months


  1. French lace hair system generally lasts 4-6 months


  1. Swiss lace and thin skin hair systems generally last 4-6 weeks




Hair quality




There are men's hair system companies that provide bad hair all the time because they use disreputable hair system suppliers. Another factor is the level of processing required. Light-colored and tight curly hair affect the life of the men's hair system. Under normal circumstances, the life span of men's toupees is about 3-6 months. But it also depends on the level of processing required to achieve the color and style you want.




Care and maintenance




How long you can wear your men's toupee also depends on your lifestyle and how you take care of it. Generally speaking, hair replacement companies provide their customers with the least and incomplete information to men who need to take care of their hair system with proper daily maintenance, because they want their customers to buy more products to buy more The hair system is more regular. Unfortunately, they do not always take the best interests of consumers in mind. Because of this, people who use the men’s hair quality system for the first time often make some uneducated mistakes when choosing hair care products and styling methods, resulting in dry, tangled, difficult to manage hair, and the rate of deterioration is faster than expected. Lack of proper care and maintenance will quickly limit the lifespan of men's toupees.