Toupeec summarized some of the most common questions that customers have about men's non-surgical hair replacement systems. It will be helpful when you choose men's toupe.



  1. I exercise often and sweat most of the time. Which system is the most breathable and best for an active lifestyle?




Full lace headwear is the most breathable and light weight style. We also have a combination base of lace and skin, which is also breathable and easy to apply and remove. If you sweat too much every day, we suggest you remove your headscarf and do a thorough cleaning once a week.




  1. I am looking for the safest accessory. Which base should I choose?




If glued correctly, all of our headwear will provide you with a safe attachment. If you take care of your headwear, remove it every 2-4 weeks, clean it and bounce it, it will stay safe.


Nevertheless, if you are looking for the strongest attachment, many of our customers have experienced perfect results with a sufficient skin foundation. After applying the bottom of the skin, you need to apply a liquid adhesive on the scalp to get the safest fit.




  1. Will wearing a toupehurt my scalp? I have not completely ruled out the possibility of hair transplantation in the future.




It will not damage your scalp or existing hair, as long as the turban is kept clean and maintained properly. In fact, headscarves can provide sun protection to a certain extent, protecting sensitive scalp from the sun.




  1. How long can I receive the toupeafter placing the order?




It depends on your location and whether you are buying our stock or custom headwear. For inventory, we can ship immediately. If you are in the United States, you may receive it within 4-7 working days after placing the order. If you are from another country, the shipping period may be longer. Our custom headwear usually takes 6-8 weeks to produce. Once completed, you will receive it within 4-12 working days, depending on your location.




  1. How often do I have to change my toupe?




It all depends on which base you choose, because different bases have different lifespans. Our ultra-thin skin foundation (0.03mm) has a lifespan of approximately 2 months, while our single-base turban can last up to a year of proper care.




  1. Can I swim, take a bath, or sleep with a headscarf?




Certainly. You can sleep, swim, bathe and even do anything in it. It should not prevent you from doing anything. However, the chlorine in the pool can be harmful and dry to the hair. Therefore, we recommend that you take deep care of your hair after swimming to make your hair smooth again.


  1. I often swim. Which adhesive should I use for the safest connection?




If your hair is often exposed to water, it is best to use waterproof tape or adhesives. Facts have proved that acrylic adhesive (ultra-holding) or blue lined lace tape functions very well and attaches safely.




  1. How long should I stay on the toupe?




The total bonding time depends on many factors, including the adhesive used, your skin type, climate, and your lifestyle. We recommend that you take it off and wash it every 1-2 weeks to effectively extend the life of the headband. If you don't sweat frequently and live in a dry climate, you can keep it for a long time for 3-4 weeks.


If you use liquid adhesive to stick lace headwear, we recommend that you do not let it stick for more than two weeks. If you wear it for too long, the adhesive will penetrate the lace, which will make it difficult to clean.




  1. I usually have problems removing the tape from the lace base of my bandana. do you have any good advice?




Before removing the lace headdress from the scalp, apply a spray remover to the tape and let the tape soak for a few minutes. Find the edge of the base at the back and move it up a bit. Then use a towel to gently remove the tape.




  1. Does this lace match my skin tone?




Our shoelaces and skin are completely transparent, allowing your own skin to show through. Even if you tan in the summer, the base will remain invisible. Some of our systems also provide different color bases.





  1. Can I have different densities in different parts?




Correct. Many of our customers order a lighter front hairline density to create a natural graded appearance. We can also provide a lighter density around the circumference to blend seamlessly into your hair.




  1. Do you provide customized services?




Yes, we have. We provide convenient personalized services to create the most suitable headgear for your specific needs. You can design the headband for hair material, color, texture, density, base construction, base size, base shape and hair direction.


  1. This is the first time I started wearing toupe, where should I start to choose toupe?



In fact, you need to learn a lot of knowledge before wearing a toupe, and you can find all this information on Google, Instagram and YouTube. Please do some research and watch some videos to get a rough idea of what the hair dryer actually works. For the first installation, we recommend that you take the toupe to a nearby salon for installation and styling. If you can't find it, don't worry, we can pre-cut the scarf for you. As for which hair dryer to choose, a complete skin base is relatively easier to use. For example, our high-quality men's toupe hair is a very good choice.