Male baldness has become a common phenomenon. Whether you have thinning hair, partial hair loss, or complete baldness, you can choose from our hair system. As a manufacturer and wholesaler with more than 20 years of men's wig manufacturing experience, our toupees are sold all over the world. Popular. For many men who are wearing hair pieces for men for the first time, the hair pieces for men look unnatural, which may be the biggest problem that bothers you.

    When choosing hair pieces for men, in addition to choosing the base that suits you, you also need to consider the density of the mens toupee. Many clients choose toupee hair that is too thick or too thin, appears too unreal, and creates a clear border with our natural hair. In general, we recommend that customers choose a density that is slightly thicker than their own hair so that they don't have to worry about the mens toupee becoming thinner and thinner in the future.

    If you only have thinning hair on the top of your head, then we recommend using your original hair density as a reference to make sure you buy a hairpiece for men that blends naturally with the surrounding hair. And if you are completely bald, then please choose according to your own preferences. Of course, you can't just consider your own hair density. If you are an older man or want to do a certain style, then you need to distinguish yourself.

    Generally speaking, our customers generally choose medium density men's hairpieces:

    1. Light 80%-90%, suitable for men who want to show their scalp when parting their hair. (all hair system bases)

    2. Medium-light 100%-110%, this is our medium density, also very suitable for older men. (all mens toupee bases)

    3. Medium 120%-130%, this is the highest density, more suitable for those actors who want a special look. (full lace and mono base)

    Choosing the right hair pieces for men color is also very important if you want to create a natural look. If you don't know which color to choose, you can refer to the color of your natural hair or beard. There's nothing worse than a toupee that doesn't match your natural hair color! If the color on the website does not meet your needs, you can send us the color picture you want, of course, there will be some color differences. 

    To be more realistic, you can also add a certain percentage of gray hair, for men around 40-50 years old, pure black color appears too dark, when adding a percentage of 10%-100% gray synthetic hair or human hair, appears more natural.

    I believe that through this blog, you can have a certain understanding of the choice of wig color. Welcome to our online store to find toupee that meet your needs. Our 24-hour online service!