In April, the natural color full lace hair system and fine monopoly and skin hair system are on sale for a limited time!! The full lace toupee is only $141, and the fine mono toupee is only $104. Only for one month, first come first served, a lot of stock is waiting for you to buy!

    Why buy a full lace toupee hair?

    In hot weather, a full lace toupee for men is the most popular. The entire base is made of French lace or Swiss lace, and the real human hair will be firmly hand-knotted in the lace mesh. French lace is the most commonly used lace base. It does not look as realistic and natural as Swiss lace, but it has good durability. Because Swiss lace is more delicate, thin, and soft, it has poor durability and maybe torn if pulled hard.

    Generally speaking, the larger the lace area, the stronger the breathability, so the full lace hairpiece for men is the most breathable of all-male hair systems, and it is simply a lucky toupee for those who like outdoor sports or sweat a lot.

    Why buy a fine mono toupee hair?

    Fine mono toupee for men is the most durable hair system and can be used for at least half a year if cared for carefully, making them ideal for men who don't like to change hairpieces frequently. The Mono toupee hair base is made of a polyurethane blend material that is strong and strong enough to double knot 100% human hair, creating the illusion that hair grows naturally from the scalp.

    Many men have different styling needs. The mono base can carry the highest density of hair, allowing you to easily have all kinds of hairstyles you like.

    Of course, whether it is a full lace men's wig or a fine mono toupee for men, the cleaning work must be done. When removing the replacement hair system, be sure to completely remove the adhesive and grease secretions on the base. For the honeycomb base and soft material of the full lace base toupee, which increases the difficulty of cleaning, we recommend wearing it with tape.

    What are you still hesitating about? The lowest price toupee for men on the whole network is only in April, don't miss it!