Our hair systems are mainly for men with thinning hair or baldness, so do they really understand what causes baldness? And why do so many people choose to wear a toupee wig as a non-surgical method of hair replacement instead of going straight for a hair transplant? Let's talk about it today.

    What are the causes of hair loss and baldness?

    1. Genetics. Hair loss is also hereditary. Generally, males are dominantly inherited and may be familial baldness due to family genetics.

     2. Seborrheic alopecia. It may be that the secretion of male hormones in the body is too strong, the face, back or chest secretes too much oil, the pores are blocked by oil, and the nutrient supply is blocked, which eventually manifests as baldness, thinning or dry hair, and dandruff.

    3. Hormonal influence. It may be the hormone secretion problem in the body, or the mental pressure of contemporary people is too high. Heavy mental blows, malnutrition, diseases, etc. can also cause hair loss and baldness.

    4. Pathologically caused hair loss. Mainly because viruses and bacteria damage cells, inhibit their normal division, and put hair follicles in a state of shock, resulting in hair loss, such as acute infectious diseases, long-term use of certain drugs, etc.

    5. Chemical hair loss. Exposure to harmful chemicals that cause damage to scalp tissue and hair follicle cells.

    6. Physical hair loss. Hair loss is indirectly caused by air pollution or harmful radiation.
    7. Nutritional hair loss. Malnutrition leads to hair loss due to dysfunction of digestion and absorption.

    8. Obesity hair loss. After the body metabolizes large amounts of saturated fatty acids, it produces waste products that clog hair follicles.

    9. Reverse stroking of hair may also damage hair follicles. This conclusion has not been strongly confirmed, but it is better to stroke in the direction of the hair to reduce the chance of baldness.

    With the advancement of technology, hair transplant surgery is more and more accepted by the public, but why are people still willing to buy a non-surgical hair replacement system like a toupee wig?

    A.At this stage, the price of hair transplant surgery is expensive. One group obtains the brain capsule from the back of the head and implants it in the position where the hair is sparse or bald. It takes a long time to recover, and these costs are unacceptable for some people.

    B.If infection occurs during the hair transplant process, it is easy to cause inflammation of healthy hair follicles, but as long as necessary disinfection and protection are done during the operation, and regular operation, this situation can be avoided.

    C.Planting hair is like planting rice. The later hair will grow in one direction like a weather vane, and there are certain restrictions for certain styles.

    To sum up, if your current hair condition meets some of the above reasons, you can take some preventive measures in advance to avoid eventual balding. Even if you have to face this situation, in the end, don't worry, you can choose hair transplant surgery or hair pieces for men to solve it.

    If you happen to be interested in toupee hair, you can consult our staff in detail, or go to our online store to view all types of mens toupee wigs, and you will definitely buy your favorite hairpieces.