We often see "M-shaped high", "Mediterranean" or bald and bald men, The data shows that the Czech Republic is the country with the baldest men, with 42.7% of men at risk of balding. Compared with Asians, European men are more prone to baldness, most of which are genetically related, which is called pathological alopecia. If your living habits are not good, it can also cause seborrheic alopecia. So how can we reduce the risk of hair loss?

    1. Wash And Comb Your Hair Frequently

    Our scalp has many hair follicles, which secrete a lot of oil and dirt every day. We should choose a suitable and healthy shampoo to keep the scalp clean at all times, especially for those who sweat a lot. Moreover, there are many acupoints on the scalp. Frequent brushing or frequent massaging of the scalp can help strengthen the hair roots and facilitate hair growth.

    2. Eat A Reasonable Diet

    Excessive consumption of high-calorie and high-fat foods will lead to excessive secretion of scalp oil, damage hair follicles, and lead to hair loss. Therefore, usually eat as light as possible, should eat more fruits, vegetables, and grains. If there is a phenomenon of hair loss, you can eat some protein-rich foods, such as fish, beans, and milk, these foods help hair growth.

    3. Get Enough Sleep

    The main reason for hair loss in young people is staying up late. Staying up late will cause great damage to liver and kidney functions, affect the detoxification of the kidneys, and cause insufficient hair nutrition supply, resulting in hair loss. So be sure to get enough sleep and refuse to stay up late.

    4. Avoid Sun Exposure

    If you love sports or spend a lot of time outdoors, pay attention to sun protection for your hair. UV rays from the sun can damage hair, drying and yellowing it, which can lead to shedding.

    5. Maintain An Optimistic Attitude And Learn To Decompress Yourself

    With the rapid development of society, stress will lead to hair loss, so we should maintain a positive and optimistic attitude, relax and decompress ourselves.

    6. Proper exercise helps to promote blood circulation and promote metabolism in the body.