The great summer season in the northern hemisphere is upon us. Beaches, barbecues, and party vacations are waiting for us. The ideal beach body and the perfect hairstyle will keep you turning heads. Summer will make our sweat glands work crazy, so you will worry about whether it will be too hot to wear a mens toupee, which also has high requirements for summer toupee wigs. Today I'm exhausting the best summer hairstyle system to help you get through the summer.

    The first, of course, is the number one seller in the mens hair replacement world: Full Lace Toupee. Every summer, full lace toupee wigs have been dominating the men's wig market, never falling out of the top three sales. The base of the full lace mens hair pieces is woven from fine French lace, which brings breathability and comfort than other types of wig systems cannot match. The soft and silky lace base has a lot of hexagonal holes, which is enough to allow sufficient air circulation, so no matter how much we sweat, the scalp will not feel uncomfortable, making your dream of wearing a mens wig for summer sports come true.

    Moreover, the front part of the full lace hair systems has been floated and buckled, and there will be no obvious black knots on the front. And we offer all hairstyles and colors, even the percentage of gray hair, to suit the needs of different aesthetics and different age groups. All lace mens hair replacement wigs of any style can provide a very realistic and natural look, and the hand-knotted real human hair seems to grow naturally from the scalp, making it imperceptible.

    The second is our ultra-thin skin hair system, the base is made of polyurethane synthetic PU material, and this male toupee wig system is only 0.03 mm. Because they are so thin, even in the hot summer, the ultra-thin skin wig will not be uncomfortable covering your scalp, and you will even ignore its existence.

    The base of the toupee adopts V-looped technology. So even if you wear a super-thin leather toupee wig, you won't sweat a lot. That's why they're so popular in summer, it's impossible to imagine their invisibility.

    The ultra-thin skin hair systems base is also a double-edged sword. The ultra-thin material also means that they are easier to tear, and the service life is much shorter than that of full lace wigs, which are more like aristocratic wigs. If you're on a budget and want to feel the extraordinary texture of the ultra-thin skin base, you can try buying it this summer. Of course, we recommend that you buy a few spares at one time, after all, its lifespan is relatively short. And full lace mens hair pieces are like a stable stock that is worth investing in for a long time. As long as you maintain them properly, you can use them for at least 4-5 months.

    The above two replacement toupee hair for men is the main wig systems this summer. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!