Because the COVID-19 has blocked our footsteps, and before we know it, summer is coming soon, so the question is, are you worried that the toupee wig will fall off due to sweating of the scalp? Do you want to know if you can wear a wig to exercise? Are you afraid of a toupee lift due to the weather? In this blog, let's talk about the related mens hair systems and sweating issues.

    If you sweat a lot or wear hair pieces for men to the gym, you may want to choose the most breathable base. Naturally, a full lace toupee wig becomes your best option, with tiny square holes throughout the lace base, which allow more air to pass through and circulate. Compared with the skin base replacement hair system, the forehead part adopts the V-looped process, and the breathability is better, but if you sweat too much, the skin base toupee will accumulate some secretions, and the feeling should not be too good, just wear it barefoot in summer Same as shoes.

    We've all seen funny clips where mens hair pieces are thrown off inadvertently. So you may worry about the toupee wig falling off or the edge lifting, making you lose face on some important occasions! I'm here to tell you that working out, running, and even swimming can all work in a men's hair system just by applying a professional adhesive. So, you don't need to worry about the hair pieces for men falling off or lifting due to sweat, choose the appropriate base mens hair systems to ensure maximum air circulation and breathability.

    Of course, we don't recommend spending too much time in the pool with a mens toupee. Because there's a lot of chlorine in it, it can damage your hair, making it extra dry, wearing out, and changing out a bit faster than when you're not swimming.

    It should be noted that no matter what activity you are doing, secretions such as sweat or oil will accumulate on the base during the day. This phenomenon is like a bird building a nest. If it is not cleaned every time, those secretions will accumulate. Things will only accumulate more and more at the base. If not cleaned regularly, a lot of sweat will also cause the adhesive to fail and affect the wearing of the hair pieces for men. The best way to do this is to lightly wipe the base with alcohol every day and keep it completely dry.

    Buying hair pieces for men is an investment business, and buying high-quality, real, and natural wigs is the ultimate goal. Of course, the lifespan of a toupee wig is inseparable from the way we wear and maintain the wig. If you first carry the wig for all the activities in your daily life, be prepared to spend more time maintaining your hair system.