One of the questions many clients ask about mens hair piece is: Can I sleep with them on? We asked a lot of people who are wearing toupee hair for the first time, and most people think they can sleep without wigs, so let's talk a little about this today!

    In fact, the best answer we can give to the question of whether to sleep with it is "no". Dear friends, you can think about it, after we have a very relaxed and free sleep, our natural hair maybe like a bird's nest, not to mention the fragile toupee! The toupee wig that wakes up in the morning can be curly and wild, look very messy, and take a lot of time to manage, which is not friendly to office workers.

    On top of that, sleeping in a toupee wig can result in knots, breakage, or damage, each hair type has a different lifespan, and toupee wigs, like our natural hair, will fall out over time The phenomenon. If you sleep with a mens hair piece and rub it against the pillow constantly, it will speed up the wear and tear of the wig, and the hair will fall out in a shorter time, shortening its lifespan.

    If you must sleep with a mens hair replacement, then we recommend that you switch to a silk pillowcase, which can reduce friction on the wig and effectively prevent the hair from curling and tangling. When you wake up the next day, use a wide-toothed comb to brush your toupee wig lightly and thoroughly to remove any knots. If the hairpiece is squished, you can use some treatment products to restore the hair to its natural state.

    Of course, the best decision is to take the hair system off and put it on a toupee model every night before going to bed to keep it in shape, keep it safe, and I'd love for you to follow our advice to help prolong the life of your wig.

    To learn more about our hair replacement system and more helpful tips, contact us today!