The last blog has sorted out 5 major questions about non-surgical mens hair replacement. Today, I will continue to help you sort it out. Please read it carefully. There should be the answers you want here.

    1. Q: Can I take a bath, swim or sleep with the toupees?

    A: Our hair system is light and thin, you can take it to bathe, swim, sleep, etc., and it will not affect your normal life. However, whoever has a large amount of chlorine in the swimming pool will cause damage to the hairpiece and make the toupees dry, and we generally do not recommend staying in the swimming pool for a long time. If you must do this, remember to deep condition the hair wig for men after swimming to smooth it out.

    2. Q: I want to swim with a hairpiece, will it fall off in the water?

    A: If you often swim with hair systems for men and your hair is in contact with water for a long time, we recommend that you use a waterproof adhesive, which will effectively prevent the men's wig from falling off in the water.

    3. Q: Will there be a clear demarcation between the full lace mens hair replacement and my scalp?

    A: Our full lace toupees use French lace by default, which is transparent and thin, and will not produce a very obvious dividing line with the skin. If your budget is sufficient, you can also choose a more delicate Swiss lace, which will be more invisible than French lace.

    4. Q: How often do I need to replace the hair systems for men?

    A: It mainly depends on your toupees base, different bases have a different service life. For example, the ultra-thin skin base (0.03 mm) can last about 2 months, but the monofilament hairpiece can be used for at least half a year with proper care. Of course, proper care can prolong the life of a toupee hair. Depending on our sweating profile, weather conditions, skin texture, adhesive condition, etc., we recommend cleaning at least once a week in general. It is not recommended to leave the adhesive on for more than two weeks, especially on the lace base, as the glue will penetrate deep into the lace and be difficult to clean.

    5. Q: How long will it take to receive the hair systems for men after placing the order?

    A: It depends on whether you buy a normal toupee wig type or custom hair systems. If you choose a skin base men's wig, a full lace hair system, a mono poly skin wig, etc., there are a lot of stocks in the factory, and we usually have 48 hours after placing the order. Arrange delivery within. Usually, DHL/FedEx is used for shipment, if it is not in remote areas, the product will generally be received within 3-10 working days.

    For customized service, we can make it according to your needs in terms of base, hair quality, texture, color, size, length, etc. If you have such needs, please contact us!