When it comes to European hair, people usually think of soft and slender hair texture. It is generally believed that European hair should be softer and slenderer than Indian hair. This is partially correct. I will clarify this point here.







European hair, as the name suggests, is European hair. It only refers to the origin of the hair, not the texture. European hair usually refers to the original European hair. Hair cut from a European. The "top to bottom" direction of the hair should be maintained well. The most important thing is that the hair is very healthy and durable without any chemical treatment. Even after washing it many times, it also has a good luster.







Indian hair includes normal Indian hair and Remy Indian hair. Normal Indian hair undergoes some chemical treatments to make the hair soft, silky, and shiny. But when it is washed for a period of time (but after several rounds of washing), its luster will not be as good as the previous one, and it will not be as healthy as the virgin hair. The hair of Indian Remy is like all other Remy hairs. The "top-to-bottom" direction should be maintained well, and the hair has only undergone a little chemical treatment to be healthy and durable.







Every European's hair has a different texture, such as the thickness and softness of the hair. Generally, darker Europeans have thicker hair, and lighter Europeans have thinner hair. However, most Indians have almost similar hair. Moreover, due to chemical treatment, sometimes Indian hair will be softer, silky and thinner than European hair. So if you want soft, silky and slender hair, Indian hair is also a good choice. Of course, if you only want healthy and long-lasting hair, then European style hair piece is very suitable for you, you can also mark "soft silk and thin European style hair" on it, let us know what kind of European style hair you want Quality, we will try our best to choose thinner European style hair to fit your toupee hair replacement system.