Normally, we can make the hair replacement and hair toupee for men with 11 kinds of different hair directions.


1. Crown hair direction—Left crown, right crown and middle crown—The hair are departed from the crown.


2. Part Hair Direction–Left part, right part and middle part–The hair are departed from the part.


3. Break Hair Direction–Left break, right break and middle break– Thehair are departed from the break part.  The break part isn’t so visible as definite part, as the part area is made with a little more hair density.


4. Flat Back Hair Direction– The hair is knotted all backward.  Hair is flat in this way.  This hair direction is not used often.


5. Forward Pomp Hair Direction–The hair is knotted as freestyle direction (forward) and brushed backward after knotting finished when style hair.  The hair is more lift than flat back direction, and more natural.


6. Freestyle Hair Direction– The hair can be combed to any hair direction above. This is the most popular hair direction.


You can choose appropriate hair direction when place orders accordingly.