If the customer orders a normal hair toupee and wants smaller curls (such as 1.8 cm or 2.0 cm) than our regular 3.0 cm curls, then our hair stylist will curl the hair on the toupees accordingly.


Wet the toupee hair first, then put the hair on the model and comb the hair until the hair is smooth and knotless.


Apply a proper amount of perm liquid evenly to make the hair soft.


Take a small bunch of hair and wrap it around the curling tube. Fix it with a rubber band.


(Repeat step 3 until all hair is wrapped in curlers)


Close the mens toupee and wait for about 20 minutes.


Reminder: Depending on the texture and quality of the hair, it takes different time. Generally speaking, the black hair toupee takes 20-35 minutes.


If you find that your hair does not curl as expected, but is still elastic when pulled, it may mean that the hair in the hairpieces needs more time to curl. If you pull your hair and your hair is dry and hard, the perm liquid may stay in it for too long.


Gently rinse the toupee for men to remove softener


Fix the hair to the new shape with a fixer, and then let it sit for 10-15 minutes.


Rinse the mens hairpieces again and remove all the rollers


Wash the mens toupee with shampoo and conditioner.


Finally, place the hair toupee for men on the model to dry. Then you will have the little curling system you want.