Mono is the abbreviation of monofilament and is widely used in hair toupee for men. Mono refers not only to one material, but to several materials. Let's look at the most common mono types on mens toupee hair.






Fine Welded Monofilament




Fine welded mono is like lace, but harder and more durable. It is breathable and difficult to detect. The density of a finely welded mono base can reach heavy duty. With proper care, a fine welded mono hairpieces can last 6 months.






Fine Monofilament




Thin mono is the most classic mono material, with very small holes for air permeability. It is finer than the mono color of fine welded. The fine mono PU peripheral base is a very classic design, which is breathable and can last more than 6 months.






Super fine Monofilament




Super fine mono is finer than fine mono, very close to silk mono. The hair can be fixed in a mono split knot and can be used to inject the lace hair system to make the hair look like it grows from the scalp. With proper care, ultrafine mononuclear cell tumors can also last for more than 6 months.






Silk Monofilament




Silk mono is the best of all types of mono. Just like its name, it looks like silk, smooth and delicate. It helps to imitate real human hair and is often used in the top-infused lace hair system. Silk mono is breathable and realistic, and can withstand medium density.