Many customers who buy mens toupee hair for the first time, don't understand the difference between lace base hair pieces and mono base hair pieces.

Both are mesh bases. What are the advantages and disadvantages of these two types of hair pieces for men?


Lace base toupee hair replacement systems


Advantages of lace hair pieces


When we talk about lace, we usually talk about the most common types of lace: French lace and Swiss lace. These two kinds of lace bases have many small holes, making them breathable, light and soft. The color of the meat makes it undetectable when it is placed on the skin. If you care more about the natural hairline, we can also bleach the knots to achieve perfect results. It allows you to expose the hairline and create any hairstyle, including nailing hair on the front or brushing straight back. Wearing a lace toupee hair is very comfortable in warm and hot weather.



Disadvantage of lace hair toupee



The lace is too thin to wear for a long time. The longest time is about 2-4 months. The glue and tape on the lace base are not easy to clean.


Due to the impact of the epidemic, lace hair replacement systems need to be customized, Long production cycle, which generally takes about 2-3 months.


Monofilament toupee hair replacement systems


Monofilament, short for mono, is widely used in toupee hair. The monofilament hair system is the most durable in our range, which makes it an economical choice.



Advantages of Monofilament hair pieces



This is a more traditional base material, which has been popular for many years due to its strength and durability. Due to the thick monofilament used in the construction, this base can be used for more than a year. Mono design includes super fine welded mono, fine welded mono, welded mono, super fine mono, fine mono and silk mono.



Mono looks like lace, but it is harder and more durable than lace. Like lace, it is breathable, imperceptible, and has a natural appearance. The density of fine welded Monofilament-sided or fine Monofilament-sided can range from light to heavy.



Disadvantages of Monofilament base hair toupees



Super fine monofilament and silk monofilament can only be used on them, and hair cannot be bleached. The breathability of Monofilament base is not as good as lace.


At present, Toupeec provides high-quality mono base toupee hair pieces for men in stock, you can rest assured to place an order, and promise to return or exchange within 30 days without reason.