Some customers require high density when custom toupee hair pieces, but not all base designs can withstand high density. Different substrates can withstand different hair densities. Let's check the common basic materials.




Swiss lace




Swiss lace is the softest, lightest and most invisible lace. It is delicate, so it cannot withstand heavy density. The maximum density of Swiss lace is medium gloss. If you use more hair, the lace may tear.




French lace




French lace is the most commonly used lace material for toupee hair pieces. It is also very soft, light and invisible, but it is a bit harder and stronger than Swiss lace. It supports more hair than Swiss lace and can reach medium or medium density.




Thin skin




The thin skin is transparent and looks like a real scalp. It fits well on the head, so it is one of the most popular substrates among toupee hair users. The skin can be as thin as 0.03 mm or as thick as 0.08 mm. Generally speaking, the thinner the skin, the lighter the density it can withstand, and vice versa.








Monofilament, referred to as mono, is harder and more durable than lace. There are several kinds of mono channels, such as fine welded mono, fine mono, super fine mono, silk mono, etc. They are good heavy-duty and even super-heavy density.