Current the material of mens hair replacement is generally divided into 4 types: skin base toupee for men, full lace base hair replacement for men, lace/monofilament with PU toupee hair , and monofilament poly skin hair pieces for men.

    Skin base mens hair pieces:

1) Ultra skin hairpiece is 0.03mm thick, which is the thinnest among all hair systems. You can't feel the weight of your toupees at all, but this hair system is also very easy to tear, and it can only last for more than a month at most. If you like this To grow hair, we recommend that you can buy 50 pcs at a time

2) Thin skin hairstyles for older men are 0.04-0.06mm thick, which is the best-selling type among all skin hairstyles for men with thin hair. Using V-looped technology, the front hairline is very natural and invisible, with a natural feel and easy operation. A real hair wig can be used with tape or glue and is easy to clean.

3) Thick skin male wigs are 0.07-0.15mm thick, which is the thicker bottom structure in the leather system. If you think it is not breathable, you can choose to make small holes on the leather bottom, but it is not as breathable as the lace bottom. 

    Full lace hairstyles for balding men:

1) The lace material of full lace hair pieces for thinning hair is mainly divided into French lace and Swiss lace. French lace is the most popular lace material in the world of French lace. This kind of lace is delicate, durable, natural in color and very breathable. Swiss lace is also called "HD lace", Swiss lace is thinner, softer, and more delicate than French lace, and it is more expensive, but not as durable. Therefore, it may be damaged during routine maintenance.

2) Full lace men hair the whole bottom of the men's wigs is made of lace, no one can tell that you are wearing hair systems for men at all, especially with bleached knots, and the breathability is also very good, which is very suitable for people who love sports and often sweat. Since it is surrounded by lace, it is more recommended that you use tape.

    Lace/monofilament with PU toupee wig: These hairstyles for older men with thinning hair are surrounded by PU material, you can experience the feeling of lace/mono and PU at the same time.

    Monofilament male hair:

1) Fine Welded Monofilament mens toupee: This mens hair systems have high durability and a natural look. If you want high-density hair then this is highly recommended.

2) Fine Monofilament man weave hair: This toupee is the most commonly used material in the 100% human hair industry. It is very breathable and very durable. Usually used on the center area, generally not on the front or perimeter edges as it can tear easily.

3) Ultra-fine monofilament men wavy hair: with smaller holes, not suitable for high-density hair.