For the wearer of the hair pieces for men, the most influential choices are a detectable Toupee hairline, a distinct black knot, a prominent thick bottom edge, etc. In general, we will use the following centralized solutions:

  1. Bleaching Knots

    After 100% human hair is hand-knotted at the bottom, black knots are visible, especially on dark hair. We generally apply liquid bleach to the bottom without hair, and after the liquid seeps through the lace to the other side, the knots are bleached blonde, making the hair replacement for men has undetectable knots.

    Bleach knots hair systems should only be attached to head coverings that have lace with larger holes and less hair density. Not suitable for Poly Skin mens hair replacement, Fine Mono mens hairstyles for thin hair, Super Fine Mono hair wig for men, Silk Mono male hair, and other mens toupee materials. We also don't recommend bleaching knots if you choose a darker mens hair piece.

  1. Cut The Scallops

    Scalloped edges avoid straight and stiff hairlines. If the front substrate is poly or finely welded mono, this is a good choice as it won't fade.

    However, it is not available if the substrate on the front is French lace hair replacement near me, Swiss lace hairpieces for men, ultra-thin skin mens hairpiece.

  1. Single-shot Gradually Densified

    Some clients ask for a very high density even at the front hair units for men hairlines because they think a lot of real human hair can completely cover the bottom edge. But our mens human hair wigs require a hairline of decreasing density. For base designs with french lace or mono in the front, we always tie a knot with one hair if the front isn't very dense.

    For thin skin toupee hair in the front, the hair is usually V-looped at the leading edge. These are invisible.

  1. Add A Hair Replacements For Men With Insufficient Ventilation

    A men hairstyles for thin hair with insufficient ventilation is to ventilate the hair along the edge of the front base to the other side of the base. This is another way to reduce visibility. It is used for polygon edge or folded edge hair system.

    We don't recommend this method if you like a back brushed haircut, as the hair knots go in the opposite direction and Indian mens hair with insufficient ventilation will always separate from the back brushed hair.