Before you choose the suitable hair system, take a look at the three most popular hair systems:

    Full lace toupee for men

    A full lace hair pieces is one in which the entire bottom of the toupee hair or the entire head is covered with the same French or Swiss lace. 100% real human hair is crafted knotted into the lace, allowing you to glue the entire hair replacement to the head, not just the front. 

    Thin skin hair replacement for men
    Mainly because the thin skin toupee is easy to wear and remove, using v-looped process, the bottom of all hair pieces for men are made of poly skin PU, you can apply hair accessories anywhere, these scalps also provide the wearer with an extremely natural appearance.     
    Q6 lace front mens hair pieces

    The bottom of the Q6 toupees is a combination of lace and the front PU part, allowing you to experience the benefits of both lace and PU, and it is also very easy to maintain and clean.

    You need to consider whether the authenticity or durability of the hairstyles for balding men is a priority. No mens hair replacement can be both true and durable. That is, the more realistic the hair systems for men, the less durable it is. For example, the 0.03mm ultra skin base mens lace front wigs are our thinnest mens toupee, but because it is so thin, it is very fragile and can easily tear if not handled carefully.

    A realistic and natural hairline is also an important factor in people buying mens hair systems, and if you only want to cover part of the forehead, you have more options when it comes to choosing a mens hair piece. You won't need the most realistic men's toupees as no base or ventilation methods will be exposed. But if you want to part your ends or brush your real human hair back to reveal the front hairline, then you can consider the thin skin hairpieces for men made by the V-looped process, which has a scalp-like appearance and is made with undetectable the bleaching knots method

    Of course, please consider your lifestyle and the climate of the place where you live. If you live in a hot place or exercise a lot and sweat a lot, then you can consider full lace mens hairpiece with strong breathability.

    If you want hair units for men that are durable and breathable but also have a back style that exposes the hairline. That means you can check out our Full Lace hair replacements for men first and our customer service is here to help.