As we known, mens hair pieces consists of base and hair. The bridge between them is various knots, such as single knot, v-loop knot, injection knot and so on. A suitable knot not only depends on the material, but also be according to the style you want. Now we will talk about one of the knots— Injection. Injected hair doesn’t have knots in the hair root and the hair looks like growing from the scalp.



Skin injection has natural effect and is easy to tape and clean. The thin skin is very soft. But injected hair on skin is more flat than normal knots, and not very easy to change hair direction, especially when hair is cut very short.



Injected lace also named silk top. It has 2-3 layers of lace material. The hair knot is in under lace and the hair is pull though the upper silk mono. It has invisible knots surface and good lift effect. It has the best appearance. The biggest advantage than the injected skin is that it is breathable . And the hair is also easy to be styled into any direction.